Integrating the Future of Identity + Web3
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What we believe in
Emerging technologies that enhance enterprise security coupled with a transformative communication platform.

Who we are

Two of the IAM industries most experienced implementation pioneers that created the model for legacy implementation strategies have teamed up to bring Identity Services cutting edge technologies in a fashion that has been taking the enterprise security ecosystem to new heights never seen in this space.

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What we do

Nyedis has devoted its team to in-depth product research, training, and development of the groundbreaking technologies that are redefining Identity and Access Management v3.0. We provide future solutions for clients stuck with legacy problems.

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Recent Posts

How Decentralized identity Could Have Prevented 3 Billion Users Identities Being Stolen
March 28, 2023

Decentralized identity (DID) is an emerging technology that promises to improve security in a more efficient and cost-effective way than traditional MFA.

Services Engagement Adaptability
March 21, 2023

When starting Nyedis, my partner and I considered a multitude of things, recognizing that there are many IAM related elements that require proficiency and a high level of competence. Our goal was, and still is, differentiating ourselves from the “standard” Professional Services firm. On the top of the list was to make it easy, and a pleasant experience for our clients to do business with us, to truly partner for success.

The software has changed, but your strategy hasn't. Let's help you fix that.
You've moved to the cloud, adopted containers, and have as much automation in place as possible. So why are you still planning and implementing using legacy methods and random people?
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