Don't Be Late to web3

October 20, 2022

Remember when "The Cloud" was first being touted around the industry and how it'll be the future of where everything is moving and that data centers will be "legacy" systems? It took about 10 years for everyone to finally realize this and finally now everyone is proud to be adopting "Cloud-first" strategies for their new projects.

We're at a new, but similar precipice now. Today it is blockchain / web3 technologies that will soon be replacing most of your well know product functionality. Yes, we're in the infancy of this with regards to enterprise adoption, but those that take the time to understand the real power behind these solutions will be at a huge advantage.

Of course, I'm not saying that we need to ditch everything and dump it all onto the blockchain yet, but you should start checking out what's out there, and how this all works. Don't wait 10 years to adopt a "blockchain first" strategy once the world has already moved on. Take advantage of being an early adopter and see what real utility blockchain has in the enterprise world.

Lastly, a word of caution. Because "web3" and "blockchain" are the new buzzwords, be careful. Most of it out there is a bunch of BS that is not utilizing any of it properly. They just throw the word into the middle of whatever their pitching, not having a clue what it even is themselves. This comes full circle back to, "It's time to educate yourself on web3 / blockchain" so that you can separate fact from fiction.

If they don't have their ENS name in their signature, I'd question their commitment to blockchain.

.: Adam


(Nyedis blockchain image generated by AI)

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